Twelve-year-old Zeke is not thrilled when his dad announces they're moving into an old cabin in the Colorado mountains. He's sure life will be boring stuck out in the woods.
      But he's so wrong.
      When Zeke handles pieces of lightning-struck wood, he releases the ghost of a boy who was killed in a tree house fifty years before. Now the ghost is demanding attention, causing harm to Zeke's family and looking for justice.
      It's up to Zeke to solve the mystery behind the boy's death and give the ghost peace.

Look here for photos of places where the ghost appears.

is available as an ebook and a paperback from Amazon.

A "riveting dramatic read, much recommended."
Michael J. Carson, Midwest Book Review.

A "moving, exciting, and realistic story."
Penny Leisch, Story Circle Book Reviews.

Silver Plume, Colorado is the end of the line and the beginning of a new life for sixteen-year-old Petra. After fleeing her abusive stepfather, she must learn how to fend for herself, keep her promises and confront her worst fears.

is available as an ebook and a paperback from Amazon.

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